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At The Huntington Hilton Hotel in New York with his niece, Zoe, and nephew, Zachary.

Playing at the Milleridge Cottage in Hicksville, New York, April 1994

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Brutus and Cassius in Brutus's Tent, Act IV Scene III from "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare

Gary after a DanceJock Performance — 1998

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Poster From Paganini

Poster from Paganini

Poster from Paganini

An Article Written About Gary Piacentini

"The Fantasticks" with Gary Piacentini

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47th Street and Broadway in New York City

About Gary

A Little History

L ike many keyboard players, Gary started out with a Casio keyboard and started the sequencing process as a means to augment his piano playing for various gigs and restaurants. He soon acquired a Yamaha with a PSR 5700 which provided a fuller sound when performing and also expanded the sequencing process with more tracks. This was before MIDI was integrated in the sequencer.

Back in 1995, Gary's first taste of MIDI sequencing came with the Korg I-3  ,which he still uses as the base MIDI keyboard on his PC. Again the main purpose for this was to augment his acoustic piano playing for the many gigs and parties he was involved with.

As a graduate of Hofstra Univeristy, before his concentration as a musician, vocalist, performer and music teacher, Gary was a professional actor performing in various genre's such as:

The New York City Opera in "Turandot" and "Nabucco"Television: In the 1980's series "Our Family Honor" on ABC, which was a "Soprano" type show, and a small part in a daytime series called "All My Children" for a brief time.

Movies: In the original "Annie" he played a reporter and in "Turk 182" he played a hospital orderly.

The majority of his acting was on the stage with such companies and theatres as:

The Arena Players in New York.

The Barn Dinner Theatre in New Mexico.

The Palace Theatre in New Hampshire

Alice Tully Hall in New York City

At the Alice Tully Hall in New York City, Gary was involved in Franz Lehar's operetta "Paganini" where he played Beppo.

"The Fantasticks", where he portrayed El Gallo and the Girl's Father in three productions was performed as a tour on the East Coast.

"A Touch Of Spring" where he was the scheming Baldo was performed at the Barn Dinner Theatre in New Mexico.

Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", where he played Pindarus, and "As You Like It" where he portrayed Amiens, were performed at the Palace Theatre in New Hampshire.

During this time in Gary's life, he was approached to be the Musical Director in a production that two of his former students were involved in. They were having a problem acquiring an orchestra. The project was enormous, however, after studying the scores for the musical, he reluctantly agreed, but thought,

"Why couldn't I just augment an orchestra of 11 musicians, which are mainly strings and reeds, with the keyboard and just add the percussion and other sounds to make the production better?"

The results from the audience were overwhelming with proclamations and comments such as "This was the best orchestra yet" to "Awesome!" and "How did you guys get that great sound?"


Needless to say, Gary was now headed in a new direction where his passions were being aroused by creating "great sounds" for anyone in need. Since his inception on the internet in 2000, Gary has developed an extensive repertoire of songs that are completely suited for a particular purpose.

His sequencing and sounds are in great demand by various production companies.

Gary uses 'Sonar' by Cakewalk for his sequencing and uses a Yamaha PSR-9000 (shown below) for recording Waves.

For the future, he's looking into acquiring "East West Orchestra Platinum" or the "Garriatan Orchestra" as 'keyboard' for the PC.

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